How To Avoid Making Mistakes When Buying New Tech

Tech is part of our lives and there is no going back form that now. People still make stupid mistakes when they are buying an expensive new bit of kit. In this blog, we’re going to look at ways to minimise the risks to make sure you get the best device for your money.

Check when new models are released

Tech products come in cycles and these cycles can be found on the internet. There are plenty of tech rumour blogs that will tell you when new products are rumoured to be released. For example, Apple’s cycle for a new iPhone release pretty much every September. Not every company has release dates as rigid as Apple, but a little bit of detective work will let you know when something new is coming. Why does this matter? Normally when a new product is released the last model is reduced in price, so if you were to buy a new iPhone in August you’ll be paying a premium for a product that will technically be an old model within a month. You can get a bargain on an older model when new ones are released.


Check the compatibility

With every piece of new technology that you own, you’ll probably want it to speak to some of your older technology at some point, so it’s wise to check that your new smartwatch will work with your current phone, or whether your new projector will work with your existing laptop, these types of things. If you don’t check these things, then you’ll find that buyer’s remorse is very real, especially if you’ve spent loads of dollars on it.

If you’re switching MacOS to Windows or vice versa how is that going to affect your Apple TV or other devices that you use regularly? Asking questions when you’re in the shop, or even better check the compatibility online before you go, so that you know exactly what devices will work before you even set foot outside the house.


Do your research

It’s amazing that people still go out to buy tech with no idea what they’re buying. They walk into the shop and buy the thing that catches their eye. You might have a big problem in that what the shop is pushing might not be the best product for you.

Massive TV sets with 4k resolution might be too big for your room for example. You might not have enough room for your couch to be far enough away to notice the difference in resolution

Tech products can vary hugely in price from store to store and online retailers. Don’t settle for the first place you look. Make sure you get the best deal you can. You might find that you can get the next model up for the same price at a different retailer for example. I would always recommend buying the best spec model you can afford because chances are it will last longer, run newer software and deal with software updates better than lower spec models.

Hopefully this blog has been helpful in giving you tech tips, but if I were you I’d check out where you’ll find some of the best deals around just now.

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