What Is Smart Technology For The Home?

Smart technology is an upgrade on most of the items we have in our home, except they can be controlled from a smartphone platform. New smart devices are being released all the time these include smart lightbulbs, for controlling your lighting, thermostats, so you can operate your heating from a remote location and even slow cookers.

Types of smart technology

Samsung’s smart things use a hub that allows connection to other devices wirelessly. The hub and devices are all controlled by a smartphone app. There is a massive range of devices that can be connected to the hub. Some of these include:

  • Voice assistants – These are controllers that can control your hub using only your voice. Models available include Amazon Echo and Google Home. These will also allow you to perform internet searches so you can ask it things like “what is the capital of Bolivia?” or get it to add things to your shopping list. It’s supposed to mimic having a personal assistant. You can control other items connected to your hub.
  • Lightbulbs – With a smart lighting system you can operate lighting from your smartphone, so you can dim and even change the colour of lights on certain systems.
  • Plug sockets – A smart plug will allow you to turn your socket on and off using your smartphone. You can turn anything plugged into them at the touch of a screen.
  • Music devices – These devices can stream music from streaming services such as Spotify, or music from your smartphone. Using the Smart things integration they can be set up to be part of your alarm in the morning or be turned off after you’ve gone to bed.
  • Door locks – Yale offer door locks that are keyless and integrate into the Smart things system.
  • Motion sensors – Motion sensors will detect any movement in your home, so can be used for turning on lights or sending you alerts if there is any unexpected movement in your home (ie from burglars).
  • Door Sensors – Door sensors attach to the door of your property and inform your hub when you have entered or left a room. Applications for this include turning lights and music on and off when you enter or leave a room.
  • Washing machines – Using a smart washing machine you can start or stop your cycle via your smartphone and will receive notifications of when your machine has finished its wash cycle.
  • Video Doorbell – A video doorbell allows you to look at and speak to anyone who approaches your door when they arrive at it using your smartphone.

These are just some of the devices that can be connected to a smart home system. New components and devices are being released all the time, so this is just the beginning of the integrated smart home.

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